So it's no eat, pray, love, but it's a way more relevant mantra...

I don't know that I have anything relevant to write, but if I don't try, I'll never know. I will go ahead and proclaim myself, unoffficially, the least fashionable sophisticated poster in the community. I'd call myself the official fashion retard, were that word not so offensive to everyone but Sarah Silverman. I was always the tomboy, still am, and a laboratory is NO place for the daily fashion show it seems like every other woman in NYC is living.

But I dunno, lately I've been managing to tear myself away from science magazines and journals just enough to check out the occasional fashion mag. Lucky is the best of the bunch, seemingly able to not overly insult my intelligence or pretend like I should haven thousands of dollars of disposable income each month to buy clothes. So, I'm gonna give my life a little Lucky makeover, mentally if not always physically - I mean, I'm too self-conscious to start wearing dresses everyday. But maybe some flunky flats :) or at least New boots. Lol. I just post this pic because it is emblematic of how bad my wardrobe often is. I wanted a practical pair of boots, but hate them. Bt what did I wear because of today's wintry mx. The very boots I hate the most.

Anyway, so maybe I'll give it a 3 month trial, read Lucky at least a little every day, and who knows maybe I won't be so self-conscious about being a bit more feminine and flirty. Doubtful, having spent high school and college with my head in books or science apps, hanging at the library, blah blah blah... Bt I'll give it a try! It's gonna take practice. I have the work part down, practice is part of my DNA, but play, well, not so much. But it will be my new mantra,