I always think I have a problem that when something is on big sale, I just don’t care about the sizing that much, like these J.Crew plaid shirt and pants. I got this plaid shirt 2 sizes bigger than my normal size in last year’s sale, I got these pants recently in a unbelievable price but 1 size smaller than my normal size. I was pretty confident about the shirt because I like the oversized shirt (like our boyfriend’s shirt) can look very casual and relaxed, but buying smaller pants, this was my first time. I think that night I was having too much wine or something, and told myself, I can lose some weight and make it work. And….as you might tell, I am not going to eat or drink anything if I wear these pants out! Good way to diet, though :) )

In Chinese: 我发现我一直以来都有个毛病, 就是当衣服有大打折的时候, 都不是太在意尺码, 象今天穿的这件J.Crew家的格子衬衣和裤子. 这件格子衬衣是去年她家大打折的时候买的, 比我的尺码大了两号, 这条裤子则是最近以非常低的价格买的,  比我穿的尺码小了一号. 对于大号衬衣我倒是真不太介意, 因为可以象穿男友衬衣一样, 可以穿搭得比较休闲, 而买小一号的裤子, 我还是第一次, 也不知道那天晚上是怎么想的, 也许红酒喝多了, 哈哈, 或者当时在想, 再努把力瘦几斤就可以挤进去了…所以, 最后, 就象你猜的, 如果我要穿这么裤子出去, 是绝对得管住嘴巴的. 乐观点说, 这是一种减肥的方法 :) )


J.Crew Shirt(sold out, and I just bought this Zara Plaid shirt on sale) ,

J.Crew Pants(sold out, but found a similar one here)

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Celine bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Zara Necklace(Last season)

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