From our hair to our nails, we are LOVING ombre!

In honor of #NailNovember I decided to try out some pink ombre nails, and they are awesome!  Creating the look can seem challenging but it is actually very simple and well worth having fabulous fingers.

What you will need:
1. 3-4 shades of your favorite color nail polish (light to dark).
2. Q-tip, nail polish remover and a small bowl to make the remover easier to work with.
3. Triangle makeup sponge and small bowl full of water.  Allow the makeup sponge to soak in the water this way the nail polish will not just soak into the sponge.  When you are ready to begin just ring out the sponge so it's wet but not dripping.
4. Dry towel and paper for messes and blotting.
5. A base color that is a shade lighter than your lightest shade.  You will prep your nails with this color so that the ombre blends perfectly.  If you want you can actually use your lightest color.
6. Top coat, clear nail polish.
Time To Ombre! 

Step 1: Remove any nail polish that is already on your nails.  File your nails into the shape you want and apply 2 coats of the base color.  Allow to dry.
Step 3: After getting most of the water out of your makeup sponge, apply your lightest color to the thickest end of the sponge.  Apply nail polish down the sponge from lightest color to darkest.  Using your sheet of paper or paper towel dab the sponge 2 or 3 times.
Step 4:  Using the sponge apply the color to your nails.  Darkest color being at the top of your nails.  Press slowly from the nail bed to the tip, like a stamp.  This is a bit messy but we will clean you up in a few steps! :)


Step 5: The colors at this point are not as defined as they need to be.  For this reason we will take a new side of the sponge and apply the lightest color.  Blot this against your nail beds moving upwards towards the tip of your nails.
Steps 6-8: Repeat step 5, one-by-one using the nail polish from lightest to darkest.  When applying the nail polish to your nails make sure you blot upwards blending into the darkest color.
TIP: I like to apply the new darker color right on-top of the previous color on my makeup sponge.

Step 9: Using a new side of the makeup sponge to blot, I apply the lightest color, one last time.  Working from my nail bed up.  I find that doing this one more time blends the colors perfectly!  
Step 10: Allow your nails to dry a bit.
Step 11: Take a Q-tip and soak it in the dish filled with nail polish remover.  I allow mine to soak for at least 30 seconds.  Remove the nail polish around your nail beds on your skin.  
Step 12: Here is the most important part, and once you do will see why!  The clear top coat!  Apply 1 or 2 coats and you will see the blending really intensify. 

My Finished Result:

Have fun with this look and try out crazy colors! 

Until next time!  
Have a great Tuesday night!