I’ve heard all the hype around Pinerest…as a visual person who loves photography & photos in general I thought yeah!…sounds interesting, but I must admit joining one more social media website didn't really have me jumping for joy. I mean one more set of logins, passwords, rules, blah, blah, blah. But the curiosity was getting to me after seeing post after post from friends on Facebook about their new addiction to the “pin it” website.

Having earned a degree in fashion back in the days before social media (it just seems like yesterday) you had an good ole’ fashion trend board (see one of my old boards below) as a wonderful reminder of your inspiration. But times they are a changing and I can’t think of a better way for a true fashion writer/blogger/media person to stay inspired than using what I like to call my online inspiration/trend board. While I love my ole’ school inspiration board I am super excited as a gal with a fashion, media, and multicultural background that my inspiration(s) are just a click away.


I was really thinking that I thought that I would pass Pinerest until I clicked on Munaluchi Bridal’s page and my reaction was… WOW! Needless to stay I joined Pinerest and my first follow was you guessed it. Munaluchi!3bae9f625f58e7b49bbde9c2979b6035c556194b

Their Pin page inspired me instantly. The concept that I had for my new blog kicked into over drive and the notebooks and portfolio of images that I have been carrying around have come to life in a unique way.

I’m just starting my page and I am inspired. Check back shortly for my Pintrest debut.