I have never been to Italy but I love that one of my favorite luxury makeup brand, Guerlain , introduced the Terra Azzura collection this Summer 2012. This collection is the second collaboration of Guerlain with notable Italian designer, Emilio Pucci. Below is a lovely photo of my Terracotta blush--in its silk Pucci trademark printed pouch. 

Perles d'Azur

If there's anything I truly appreciate with Guerlain, it's the way they package their products. Guerlain packaging by far has the most intricate design, longstanding quality (doesn't easily break, smooth lines and curves) and well-thought of funcitonality. You know what, I won't be surprised if after I use this pouch, I end up utilizing the Pucci pouch as a lipstick/lip balm case. It's something worth keeping, don't you think so too?

terracotta blush

I love how this bronzer is a mix of colors perfect to warm up the skin. The bronze and orange powder is definitely something that can add warmth and life to a rather dull aesthetic; while the pink and the lightest powder shade works as a wonderful highlighter to perk up the cheeks. 

Summer is of course about warmth and soaking up the great things life has to offer. So excited to share a detailed review of this lovely bronzer on my blog LovingSunshine. Do visit!

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