The only photographer for me, Landon
Pavonine tank  |  Lafayette148 blazer  |  H&M peach coat  |  gifted Sugarlips trousers  |  gifted cross necklace  |  Forever21 ombre earrings  |  Rayban aviators  |  Zara heels

Nothing will look masculine with a pair of awesome black heels, trousers aren't meant just for the boys. That all-too familiar side-striped detail is a recent favorite of mine, and will definitely be sticking around this season. The crop top - supposedly meant for the spring - hits right above the snakeskin band and the sheer sleeves on the blazer peek out of the peach jacket that I scored at one of H&M's recent sales. This $7.50 (hold your gasps) peach blazer reminded me of Landon's peach T from the summer, just goes to show that there's no such thing as season-appropriate colors.

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