Vintage dress and scarf, Katherine Kwei bag, Jacket from a Western store, Thrifted shoes

Don't ask me what I was thinking when I wore this outfit out for a day of NYFW, shooting street style, and class. Literal sleep deprivation lead me to somehow believe this outfit would be appropriate for NYC's current weather conditions. To my credit, I did wear a dress underneath my dress. I put on an AA scoop back mini before heading out, but maybe I should have tried the two jacket thing instead. By the time I was finally released from class to go home, the cold was biting and I'm pretty sure people were staring at me on the subway. Lesson learned. 

I'm wearing some vintage I picked up on my road trip, and this dress has become one of my favorite things to throw on. I'll be sure to shoot the details AKA a super 70's collar and puffed long sleeves when springtime rolls around. These little booties have also become choice footwear, because they're a little rock 'n roll, and little cowboy, and a lot comfortable. 

P.S- I've added a new section the blog entitled "Pizza Sluts," which includes photos of my friends. Find the button to the left and check it out! Yay. 

Photos by Kaitlin McKendry