So as you all know or probably not know, pastel nail polish(es) are such a big all year round trend. The trend is yet, still going strong and it's passing over into the new year! 

Pastel nails are soft and feminine. They're super pretty and easy to apply. Just be sure to get nail polish with a glossy finish so your nails will look shiny, bright and even. A matte finish will make your pastel manicure look too chalky - not a good look. Try wearing your pastel nails with contrasting clothing to make them pop.

Because pastel nails have a soft look, you can wear more than one color on your nails at a time. Try painting your nails in different pastel shades for a fun look or a "french manicure" style nails with a different pastel polish on your tips. The great thing about going for more than one pastel shade is that all pastel colors look good with each other.

If you're a fan of nail art, go easy on it with this trend. Because the colors are glossy and highly pigmented all you need is a little hint of sparkle - any more will make your nails look too over-the-top. If you must have something extra, try pastel dots or stripes in another pastel shade.

Now, I had casually walked into Charlotte Russe. I rarely ever shop there, since it's not a true store. Charlotte Russe is actually a store that takes clothing, shoes, etc. from overstock and print their names on the stuff (perfectly legal). Haven't you noticed the tags on the back of the neck, on some shirts are not labeled 'Charlotte Russe'.. occasionally 'Rob & Laube', and others.

But, while in the store (oddly), I had picked up four nail polishes that are pastels and are perfect for the ongoing trend! 


On a quick note: Don't you just love the name? So sweet! 'Love, Charlotte

As a quick review. These polishes where only $1.50 USD a piece, but I sweet talked the man at the counter and got them for 30 cents each. I know.. it's like practically giving them away for nothing.

I did try each varnish for a few days each. I'm always on the go, always grabbing things, moving stuff, dropping 

No chips, no wear! And that's without a top and base coat.. My OPI nail polishes can't even do that. Quality vs. price is a must. I think I might go back and actually buy all the other colors because they are so cheap.

They are more of a soft neon-ish pastel.. So I thought why not 'kill two birds with one stone' and incorporate the pastel and neon 2013 trend in one! Awesome! 

Just a thought! 

Stay on trend ladies and gentlemen! 

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