I don't usually write about my health on the bloggy, but this craft was inspired by an item that I MUST have on a daily basis: SUNNIES. I have fibromyalsia and Sjogrens, which are both autoimmune diseases. Long story short, my body attacks my moisture producing glands and I have super dry eyes and mouth. I have to use eye drops all the time and need sunglasses whenever I'm outside. I go through sunnies really fast because I either loose them or break them accidentally. A while ago I tried a few pairs of glasses from the Dollar Tree and I was really surprised to find that I liked them. Their sunnies are generally black or tortoise shell patterned and fairly trendy in their shape. Sweet!
I thought it would be fun to upgrade these sunnies with some bling and a pop of color.

You will need:
> Sunnies
> Nail polish
> Glitter Mod Podge
> Painters tape
> A fan (for quick drying)

The really awesome thing about this craft is that I actually had everything except the sunglasses already! I only spent around 5 bucks total, swoon.

1. First thing you want to do is tape off your sunnies with any design you want to paint.

2. Paint your sunnies and let them dry. You may need a few coats if you are using a light color like my yellow.


3. Let your sunnies dry and peel off the painters' tape. If you have imperfect lines you can touch them up and let dry. I set my glasses in front of a small desk fan to make them dry faster, because I also have no patience. Ha!

Put your new sunnies on and enjoy the day!