What I enjoy most about Black History Month is the celebration of talents, both past and present, while continuing to cultivate the gifts of the future. 
A former classmate of mine, Sherifa Gayle, began BU Clothing (Black and Ugly) as a form of expression. She was embracing what others saw as flaws and applauding her roots. In turn, BU Clothing has become streetwear's mouthpiece for Our culture with images of greats like Malcolm X, vignettes of kings and queens, powerful quotes, and patterned maps of Mother Africa. 
As I always say (and will continue to until my last breath), embrace your talents and reach for the stars! You've been equipped with natural gifts; hone your skills and go for it. 
Outfit Deets:

Sweater - BU Clothing (no longer in stock, but comes in t-shirt form!)
Skirt - Forever 21 
Shoes -  White House | Black Market
Cuff - H&M

Be sure to not only check out BU Clothing's shopping site, but the great blog that shares up-to-the-minute recounts of issues involving our community of Color.