Uniqlo coat, Vintage dress and hat, Doc Martens boots

I’m totally digging this a-line wool blend coat fromUniqlo. It’s perfect for me because of its simple shape and long length. I thought I’d get a little 90’s and added a mini floral dress, and topped the whole thing off with my favorite vintage hat.

Shooting this set of photos on my rooftop was really fun. I had an adrenaline rush for about 20 minutes when I got back downstairs from jumping on my roof ledge with my camera and self-timer remote.

Having someone shoot my photos is a rare occasion, and I feel I’m really getting better with self-portraits.One thing I love about writing this blog is that it’s about so much more than clothes because I have to write and shoot photos on a regular basis. All that practice pays off, I think mostly in my photography skills. Experimenting with angles and lighting and thinking of new ways to present clothes is something I find challenging, fun, and rewarding.