DSC_0332 copy DSC_0351 copyDSC_0336 copy DSC_0345 copy DSC_0349 copyAmerican Apparel Sweatshirt, Vintage Necklace, Zara Skort, American Apparel Earrings, Zara Sandals, Michael Kors Watch

As you can see I gave the “origami skirt trend” a try. In this case, I was able to try the trend my way as this skirt is actually a skort. A skort…lol. Something about that just cracks me up. Remember when skorts were all the rage in the late 90′s? I do. I begged my mom for one for our end of the year dance in the 5th grade. I love Zara’s new take on the old idea by adding the origami front. The fact that it rides low on my hips and has pockets are added bonuses making it perfect for my sporty style.

Photos by Amanda Macchia