Hayyyyy Frock Stars! As many of you know, Black Friday is just days away. Black Friday officially kicks off the holiday shopping season. Today for “One Item, Five Ways”, I’m serving up a variety of ways to spend $20. Not only are these items great for you, but they make great gifts too. Let’s frock n roll!

Rock Out With Your Frock Out:

  • All of these pieces look like they cost more than they do. Scoring an inexpensive addition to your wardrobe is amaze. These cuts are also great for all body types.

1. Forever 21, $19.80 – This dress includes the belt, which I absolutely adore. Essentially you are getting two things for the price of one! Black always werqs, so you can wear this anywhere, and the bright belt is a fab touch.

2. Target, $19.99 – Black and blue was major on the fall 2012 runways (and I’m not talking bruises hunty), and it was for a reason…. the right shades can be very luxe. Not only is this shirt a gorge color, but I love a Peter Pan collar. The shape of this shirt is just right, so it will look stunning tucked or untucked.

3. Forever 21, $17.80 – An A line skirt is every girls best friend. The cut of this skirt is perfection for all body types, the high waist accentuates your smallest part, while the flare adds balance to your frame. The color of this skirt matches with everything from black to pink.

An Accessory To The Crime:

  • Forever 21, (Necklace$9.80, Earrings $2.80, Bracelet$6.80) – Jewelry is a brilliant way to update your wardrobe. It’s easy to find trendy accessories for a nice price. This trio would look amaze at a cocktail party, or even the office…. it can also transform the plainest little tee shirt dress into something edgy and sexy.

  • H&M, (Necklace $14.95, Earrings $3.95) – A bib necklace makes a statement. I love the detailing on this one, it would look chic with a white tee. All four pairs of earrings werq with this necklace. You can wear bib + black to a cocktail party, bib + gold to werq, bib + animal print on a date, and bib + peach shopping. Four looks in one!

  • Charlotte Russe, (Necklace $6, Ring $6, Earrings $6) – Trendy and fabulous. Pops of turquoise are stunning on all skin tones. This trio brings bling in a subtle way. Statement earrings can be shown off with a sleek sock bun or pony.

If The Shoe Fits, Wear It:

  • A new pair of shoes is an instant mood booster. Shoes can make or break your outfit. The shoes that I have found will make any ensemble ravishing.

1. Charlotte Russe, $12.49 – Seriously? What a steal! Black and blue + cap toe….. yes please.

2. Olsenboye, $14 – I am obsessed with the new Olsenboye line of shoes. These are magnificent. J’adore rose gold sequins, I especially love them with a slouchy grey sweater dress. Serious pizzazz.

3. Old Navy, $16 – Ballet flats are eleganza. Everything about this shoe is right, from the tie, to the color. This looks exactly like a ballet shoe… that got a makeover on Project Runway.

You Are Right On Target Little Frocker:

I absolutely love Target, you can find EVERYTHING there. All of these items can be found at Target, and most can be found at any other drugstore too! These items are great for pampering yourself (or someone else), they are delightful stocking stuffers, and every individual item makes for a nice holiday gift.

  • Each of these items are excellent for finalizing every little detail of your look, before you walk out the door.

1. Garnier, $4.69 – This makes hair shiny and smooth. It smells divine, and tames flyaways.

2. Maybelline, $5.94 – I use this mascara every day. Even if you don’t have time to apply a full face, don’t leave the house without mascara. This mascara is not clumpy, and it makes your lashes look natural.

3. Revlon, $3.99 – I get down with the browns…. I am obsessed with chocolate nails.

4. Headscarf, $4.98 – Werq! This color is phenomenal, it would flatter anyone from Casper to Naomi Campbell. Not to mention, a headscarf doesn’t leave kinks in your hair.

  • This little collection is ideal for going out. These items are sexy and versatile.

1. Maybelline, $2.99 – J’adore oxblood. This color is like vampy chic, I am currently all about touches of it, everywhere (belts, nails, shoes, tights….).

2. E.L.F, $5 – The E.L.F. beauty books are absolutely amazing. The shadows are a nice texture that doesn’t tend to crease. You’re also getting sooo many colors, that any type of smokey eye can be created.

3. E.L.F, $1- You don’t need to fanciest eyeliner to do a perfect rim job…. Any old pencil will bring out your little peepers.

4. E.L.F, $1 – I know, I’m getting redundant, but E.L.F. has the best makeup for the price.

5. Rimmel, $4.64 – How can you not love the Kate Moss lipstick collection. Everything about her is perfect. A red hue is fun and sexy.

6. Goody, $4.99 – LOL this package says that you can wear this as a headband or necklace, this looks ridiculous as a necklace… but it is fierce as a headband.

  • Staying in and relaxing can be fun. You can have an amazing night in for under $19…. I left you $1 to go rent a movie from Redbox.

1. Neutrogena, $5.99 – If you dye your hair this is amaze. I like this mask better than expensive ones. My hair is super soft after using, and a lot easier to style. It also smells really good.

2. Calming Mask, $1.99 – Winter can be treacherousfor skin, freshy freshy it.

3. Aveeno, $5.99 – Lavender is tré s calming, and your day has probably been stressful. Why not take a bubble bath… reading a magazine (I like to get down with Lucky or People StyleWatch), while you relax is even better.

4. Baby Lips, $2.99 – Your lips need love too, make them baby soft.

5. Sally Hansen, $1.92 – All of these dark colored nail polishes can do a number on your nails. Strengthen and tint them at the same time.

Home, Sweet Home Decor:

  • Small accents throughout your home can subtlychange things up.

1. IKEA, $19.99 – Mirrors can make a space look bigger than it is. This one is perf for checking your makeup, and adding a tad of art to your wall.

2. Target, $19 – These little crock pots are so cute…. and you can make three things at once.

3. Pier 1, $9.98 – If your home is feeling drab, spice it up with some ruffles. These pillows would look stunning on a white couch, or even a bed.

4. IKEA, $19.99 – Everyone looks prettier in soft lighting. I like the shape of this lamp, and the creamy shade.

Yes Hunty, I’m Giving You Two More Scents…..

It’s important to have a pleasant smelling home. This oil warmer is modern, and would blend in anywhere. During the winter I like my house to smell like pine…. until like April.

Bath & Body Works, Warmer $15, Oil $5

*I hope I didn’t overload you Frock Stars. Let me know what you Little Frockers score this Black Friday….. leave a comment, send an email to info@rockinaroundthefrock.com, or tweet me @RockinAroundThe.

Frock Out*

- S