Story-telling time! (aka long post, brace yourself)

I do not think I ever shared how this fashion blog ever came to be. Some of you may assume it was just always here while others may have never really thought about it. But for those curious minds here is how my blog begins: 

It is the summer of my sophomore year and I am vacationing in Florida trying to relax on the sunny beach or otherwise pondering about the makeup of the universe . . .Not! more like looking at the hottie lifeguard. Fashion has just begun to peek my interest and I am obsessed with tons of personal style blogs; these young, fashion oriented women seem exotic and quite fabulous and I was wondering, well how did they create their blog? As I begin to research the ins and outs of blogging (a long process may I add) I begin to realize that I, frankly, have a passion for fashion. Picking out my outfit and challenging myself to wear things people have not seen in my school is the highlight of my day; I'm always anxiously awaiting for the new fashion magazines to come out with its glossy cover, showered with inspirational models, clothes, and words just waiting for me to read, capture, and put forth into my style. So low and behold the blog is created! (and it is a much worthier hobby than other dangerous expeditions such as fighting alligators or drugs. They can kill!) Now as for the name, that is the most important part of a blog. It is the first thing people read and will catch their attention to reflect who this blogger is and what the blog is all about. I came up with Casually Dapper (after many word changes, in different orders, and languages) because these two descriptions came together perfectly. This name reflects that my style just comes. Styling and creating outfits are not long ponderous tasks that takes hours to do in fact it is not a task at all. It is something that I enjoy and seems to be that my Dapperness is Casual. I know my style and though it is ever-evloving with new trends and choices, I will still be true to me. This also relates to how I want to express to all my beautiful readers that fashion is meant to make you, you! I hope my style can inspire you and be a reference for things to wear. So at the end of the summer on July 29, you have found me here posting away what I see as fashionable. 

Though my beginning may not be as extravagent as others, it is the journey that makes it truly interesting. Thank you for the support! Keep it up!
Happy Wednesday!

p.s I love these tuxedo pants. The stripe down the side is such a show stopper! 













photos by Amanda

|The Outfit|
Pants: JCREW (similar here)
Sweater: GAP
Vest: H&M (similar here)
Boots: STEVE MADDEN (similar here)
Bag: COACH ( similar here)