skirt: thrifted / blazer: thrifted / shirt: TJMaxx / shoes: thrifted / tights: H&M

- counting down the minutes until you can take another dosage of cold medicine. [drug addiction is real, kids.]
- the mess that can be created in one house by 2 people in the short time frame of 24 hours. it's amazing, really.
- having road rage so bad that when you glance over at the car next to you, they are staring in disbelief. and then consequently blaming it on cold medicine to make yourself feel better about causing a scene. "sorry, it's the drugs talking." 
racing to find the shortest line at Target. but then you realize it is the shortest line because everyone else saw the small elderly lady with 400 coupons and ran far, far away. so then you are stuck, suffering the consequences of your impatience and selfishness.
by the way, coupon ladies hate me. they follow me everywhere.

- Ross bringing home a surprise of krispy kreme donuts. if that isn't a cure for everything, then i don't know what is.
- the fact that Thanksgiving break is so close, i can almost taste it. Come hither, pumpkin pie.
- writing an essay in 30 minutes AND GETTING 100 ON IT. actually, this is probably bad. it encourages procrastination. (as if procrastination needed any encouragement. it practically throws itself on me everyday.)
- my husband wearing sweaters over button-downs. like the collegiate stud that he is. i could just eat him up. like, stop it.

oh P.S. today is day 8 of 30 for 30... or so i think it is. Also, if you like the necklace i am wearing, you will get a chance to win it on Monday! stay tuned for the deets.