A version of Hannah’s shirt from last night’s episode of GIRLS in a less neon, less revealing fashion.  In case you missed last night though — Lena Dunham explains the facts about being a bad vs. good friend (SO TRUE), what clubbing should entail and again, the typical encounters of the 20-something year old female (living in New York City).  But before I give off too many details and reveal my thoughts on this topic I shall digress.  Let’s talk mesh/net.

Essentially  this shirt has become my thermal replacement.  Not that I actually wear thermals, but I do love this textured layer under everything at the moment.  The perfect addition to all things boring about winter right now, and an inexpensive addition that I’ve gotten so much wear out of.  And when spring/ summer finally come around, I’m sure I’ll find myself in a similar ensemble, and in no way pulling a Hannah, even though I truly do commend her for all she does often reveal.

FOREVER21 mesh shirt
JBRAND boyfriend jeans
DANNIJO necklace