My main job is working in an office 9-5 Monday through Friday, & I find myself
constantly going through my closet every morning (since I'm too lazy to pick out my outfit
the day before) & trying to come up with a new outfit that fits "office standards." Which is how
I came up with this post. There's certain outfits that just dont belong in an office
atmosphere but people still try to pull off anyway. I mean come on people, lets
have some common courtsesy for those of us that don't want to see you in a mini skirt. Here's
a list my top 5 "Do Not Wear to the Office" looks.

1. The Mini Skirt

I love a cute mini skirt as much as the next person, but let's leave
those for those Friday nights when we're hitting the club. Customers
visiting your office and your co-workers generally do not want to see
you in a mini skirt. Let them view you in a professional mannerism and
not in your mini skirts. Plus they ride up- especially when you're sitting
down! Do you really want to be pulling down your skirt every 10 minutes?

2. Outrageous Lipstick


Outrageous is subjective of course, but please don't wear
it to your office- You can figure out what colors probably aren't the best...
i.e- purple, black, blue... hot pink.

3. Jeans with Holes


Jeans all ripped up with holes- not much to say about these..
I love them as much as the next person but yeah they're
just not very professional. Stick with dress pants or in my case khakis
(I work for a State Farm Agent!)

4. Colorful Hair


I love it when I meet someone with crazy colorful hair- especially the
people that can really pull it off- but I think we're all aware that these crazy
beautiful hair colors probably aren't the best to have in the office. This kind of hair
looks good in a certain job environment and a typical "office job" probably isn't the best place.

5. Stiletto Heels


Okay ladies... just save these for your weekends.
I don't know what I would do if my coworker came in and was wearing
these. My jaw would probably hit the floor!

Anybody have anything to add to the list?


P.S - Thank you Google for these images!