Remember that time I went to New York Fashion Week?  It’s been three days, and I’m still in fashion shock.  The mostly good kind of shock.

In a nutshell, fashion week is crazy long days, espresso, followed by champagne, stunning fashion, amazing swag bags, sore feet, tiny hotel rooms, meeting after meeting, brilliant fashion pioneers and trendsetters, and sore feet (yep, that one gets two slots in the NYFW hall of fame.)

I’m from a big town (shout out to Miami!): I’m used to traffic and crowds, and heat.  But nothing could have prepared me for the marathon that is NYC during fashion week … in September.  Let’s start with the shoes — one must never remove their heels.  One must manage perfectly-coifed hair on little sleep, maximum humidity, long days, longer nights, and the subway system.  While we’re on the subject of the subway system, I recognize how fabulous it is to have an organized public transportation system, but I know little to nothing about the city — tunnels underground lead everywhere, those subway doors close fast, and the world’s most interesting people and also most insane play the fiddle and demand hamburger money on every car (which I willingly offer up, because, hey, we all need a hamburger sometimes.) One must carry everything, leaving room for a change of shoes (which I couldn’t manage to figure out until the end of my trip) and excess swag.  A hair iron could have been helpful too.  A back-up phone battery is essential — there is an actual line of bloggers for wall sockets, as a place to charge your weary iPhone is a hot commodity.  What’s worse, in NYC, many stores guard their wall sockets.  Hot commodity, people.  One must understand that three days, a week, two weeks, it’s never enough.  Once you’re in New York, the invitations just seem to roll on in, and you’re torn and tired, but more torn than tired.  You miss a lot, which is frustrating and sad, but also you know that f you don’t give yourself just thirty minutes of quality shopping time in New York City, then what kind of shopper are you, really?  Also, eat deli.  It’s heaven.  Stay hydrated.  Don’t be afraid to hail a cab when you’re feet hurt … the subway will only make your feet hurt more (stairs … many many stairs underground.)  Bring power bars, and chocolate.  Screw the diet, drink the champagne.

Any other NYFW advice for the newbies?

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