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How are you guys?

Okay, so i justreceiveda nomination for the all kind Liebster Award by Shainee! Head over to her blog and check it out! Apparently Liebster means 'Beloved' in German! How cool is that?! Okay lets get to it!


"This awards motivates bloggers to work hard.
Provide exposure to small bloggers.
Help to build good relationship with other bloggers.
It is an opportunity to share more about you with others.
Its easy and good fun."

You just have to follow five easy steps given below, if someone nominates you for “The Liebster Blog Award”:
1. Tell 11 things about yourself
2. Answer those 11 questions which you get asked of from the blogger who nominated you.
3. Post 11 questions you want to know from the bloggers you want to nominate for the Liebster Blog Award.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers whose followers are less than 200.
5. Get in contact with those 11 bloggers to let them know that you have nominated them.

I would like to thank Shainee for nominating me! It truly made my day even better! So happy right now!

Eleven Random Things about Me:

  1. I'm only 15!
  2. I'm homeschooled!
  3. Honor Student!
  4. I own 4 authentic Hermes' Birkin Handbags!
  5. I have very littlepatienceagainst hesitations!
  6. I'm a Pr-Op Transsexual!
  7. I drink way too much Diet Coke!
  8. I spend literally hundreds a week in unneeded clothes a week!
  9. I'm single!
  10. I have anobsessionwith Christian Louboutins!
Eleven Questions asked by Shainee

1. What song are you listening to right now?
Jam ( Turn It Up ) by Kim Kardashian

2. What is your favorite author?
Bruce Lubin & Jeanne Bossolina Lubin (Write Together)

3. What would you buy if you win the lottery?
Nothing, I would simply keep 75% for savings, and give 25% to charity of choice.

4. One thing you hate about Blogging/Bloggers?
When bloggers contact you and demand to follow them.
That you can't 'TAB' while typing a post for your blog.

5. Tell us one bad habit.
Procrastinate in school work, yet I'm a honor student with a 4.0 GPA. Tell me how that works?

6. Are you anIntrovertor Extrovert in real life?
I'm an Extrovert in life! Always looking for thepositivein almost everything I do!

7. What do you envy most?

8.Describeyourself in just three words.
Open-minded. Loving, Affectionate.

9. Three things you want to do before you die?
The three things I want to do before I die is, to settle down with 'the one', have a family, and own a beautiful house to welcome great people!

10. Which is your preference, Sea Beaches or Mountains?
Sea Beaches!

11. Tell us one good thing about you.
I always stand up for myself in any case. It's always important!

Eleven Questions for the Nominees:

1.What is one thing your enjoy the most?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What is your favorite social network and why?
4. What is your favorite beverage?
5. Coke or Pepsi?
6. Favorite shopping store?
7. What state you live in (if not a state, answer country)?
8. Your favorite movie?
9. Favorite cosmetics brand?
10. Are you in school? If so what for?
11. Would you like to create your own question to answer?

My Eleven Nominations are:

Xoxoxox SillySilberman

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