The new year is right around the corner and it's almost time to get started on those resolutions. If jumpstarting your closet is one of them, then our compilation of must haves for 2013 will surely help.With pieces from JOA + CLOSET, Line Knitwear, Iris von Arnim and Shoemint to name a few.You'll surely be on the right track on setting your closet for work, play, home, and of course, beauty!

At Work...

1. JOA + CLOSET($46)2. ShopWasteland($132)3. 6 Shore Road($187)4. JOA + CLOSET($48)5. Smythe($695)

6. Blaque Label($82)7. Izak Zenou($30)8. Iris von Arnim($800)

At Play....

1. JOA + CLOSET($45)2. Eugene Is My Middle Name($225)3. Triarchy($235)4. Alpinestars by Denise Focil($165)5. [BLANKNYC]($98)6. BLQ. MKT($88)7. Krisa($224)8. Line & Dot($181)9. Blaque Label($330)

10. ShopWasteland($68)11. Boostcase($79.95)12. Marchesa/Bonfaire($2,295)13. Wet Seal($12.50)14. ShoeMint($79.98)

At Home...

1. Line Knitwear($269)2. Lanston($79)3. Iris von Arnim($1998.00)4.Wet Seal($10.50)5. Subtle Luxury($250)

6.intiMINT($99.95)7. ASTARS($88)8. John & Jenn($135)9. Only Hearts($60)10. Shawlsmith London($360)


1. Bangstyle($14 - $22)2. Amarte Skincare($60-$100)3. LaLicious($49)4. NCLA($16)5. Juliette Has A Gun($135)

6. GHD($225)7. ILIA($24)8. NCLA($16)9. Faith Oils by Raegan Wallner($69)