(gold sweater from boutique (similar one from Alice + Olivia), Zara herringbone trousers, Hermes cashmere scarf, cape coat from boutique (similar one from Yes Style), mom's boots (similar one from Shirise)
How is 2013 treating everyone? 

It was the best news as the weather in Hong Kong had a sudden drop down to 8C right on New Years eve. This was a big news for Hong Kong-ers as a chain reaction of down jackets and fur madness roars. Even I took this opportunity to flaunt my heavy cape, as my brother sat around only sporting a sweater over a dress shirt complaining why we are making such a big deal out of this - #Portlandweatherproblems.

Enjoyed the first day of this new year with all my best friends, sharing laughters and imbecile moments. What's better than freezing my hands off while warming up inside with fresh cupcakes? 

Admit it, we all live for cupcakes. And Nutella cookies.