Yesterday I went to Westport for an appointment and stopped by Roundabout's Westport location on the Post Road because an ex-coworker had told me about it. They carry so many designers, from Chanel to Hermes, Lanvin, Phillip Lim and so much more! It was like walking into a candy store! They had a gorgeous Chanel jacket for $500, but sadly it was a size 14...  There was also a sale going on: 65% off clothes, 75% off shoes and 505 off bags & accessories. (except Chanel, Hermes, Valentino and something else)

I was looking at all the shoes and none caught my eye until I saw these gorgeous turquoise Lanvin pumps! They were a 37.5 and I'm usually a 38 or 38.5 but I tried them anyway and they fit! WAHOO! They were originally $960, the store was selling them for $329 and after the discount that was $82.85! How could I resist?  These babies are adding a nice pop of color to my shoe closet.

lanvin-pumps05.png lanvin-pumps03.png lanvin-pumps02.png lanvin-pumps04.png lanvin-pumps06.png

Next up is a cute Valentino tank! They were selling it for $129, but it was 65% off so I paid $45 (still a lot, but it was cute and I needed to blow some money to make myself feel better, ha ha)

valentino-tank.png valentino-tank02.png valentino-tank03.png