so... the other day my bf won some money at keno at decided to share with me. he gave me a little bit of money to spend on myself. i love to spend money, and i love to shop for myself, but when someone else gives me money, i am usually responsible. first i bought necessities for my pets, and put gas in the car and all that jazz. basically, i spent half the money on practical stuff. with what was left, i put a little aside toward a necklace i want (to be discussed at a later date) and i bought myself this little beauty...

0246f396a9888bac5d73f91d1a270f712e1908aeBag: Merona for Target; Scarf: gift, purchased in Ireland
(please ignore my kitchen counters!)

the roominess of the bag is great, and it has pockets everywhere - three flat ones outside, one zippered and two others inside. i guess you could wear the bag cross-body, but on me it looks ridiculous because i am too petite for that size bag across my frame. you could also adjust the strap to wear on your shoulder. my preference is just the top handles, personally.i'm using the cobalt blue as a neutral, like denim.