Photos by Landon
gifted Lulu's leather crop top  |  ASOS plaid skirt (similar here, here and here

It pains me to tell you that this Lulu's crop top is sold out in both black and white - but not to fear, what's amazing about Lulu's is their ability to hit the nail on absolutely everything that they have on their site. You can't go wrong, really. If you're looking for an everyday crop top, they've got it.  If you're looking for a little bit of cutout, they've got that too. I'm glad that the weather's finally cooling down a bit for me to sport a wool midi-skirt without suffocating and a crop top without looking a little nuts. Although, is there ever a wrong time to be wearing a crop top and a full skirt?

Edit: Spoke too soon, the ultimate leather crop top is back!