I could not resist wearing my obnoxious, neon panda top paired with these fun little sandals when I visited one of my hometowns this weekend. Do you have any outfits that instantly transform you into an entirely different mood the second you put it on? Brights, stars, hearts, and elastic waistbands never fail to remind me of a childhood playing with my Barbies while watching Barney. I felt like an awkward little kid who dressed herself for the first time! I had to wear sunnies to shield my eyes from the sun, but also from my own highlighter brightness. Good thing I didn't run into any familiar faces because I could see that conversation getting weird. "Oh, hey I haven't seen you since 8th grade...I see you haven't changed much..." Let's just say middle & high school were definitely style experimental eras for me and I'll leave the rest up to your imagination.

Clothing: Top- Love Culture, Skirt- vintage 
Accessories: Neon belt- Target, Ceramic watch- Michael Kors MK5387, Neon necklace- Kohl's (from giveaway),  
Skull bracelet- Links of London, similar here, Purse- Forever 21, details in this post
Shoes: Wedge sandals- Betsey Johnson 'Bollt'