On me://Top - Levi's//Pants - Pull&Bear//Heels - Christian Siriano for Payless//Bag- Naraya//Watch - Casio//Bracelet - Forever21, SG//

So these photos were taken a few weeks ago, right before Christmas. The temperature went abnormally high for winter and I had to remove my jacket while walking arond or else I'd melt. What more can I say about Macau's weather? Anyway, it's been better these days. But I've forgotten that I had these photos until I saw my drafted post so here I am sharing these with you.

I didn't really expect that my neon skinnies and leopard ankle booties would work well together, but I wanted to wear both and couldn't compromise which of which to wear and not to... why not, yeah? Surprisiginly, they actually complimented each other.


Onto more personal matters... work has been fun so far. I haven't really any major responsibilites yet. For a big company, it's like, all new employees have to go through a step by step process and literally day by day. In the whole three days I've been there, it was all about receiving information, reading SOP's, knowing who is who, all that stuff... I mean, it's a little difficult to process everything all at once but I'm getting there.Tomorrow, hopefully I'll be starting the hands on training which should be more interesting. Note: hopefully. But so far things are going well.

Our house will a be a little less noisy after tonight. The relatives from dad's side are going back to the P.I. soon, which is sad, but well, life goes on. It will be another few years or so before we'll be all gathered together again so I'm going to miss it. Sigh. Back to reality.

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend guys and until my next post!

-- photos by Chezka --