Independent Fashion Bloggers have created a new project for November, and the best part of this project... it requires you getting a manicure!

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Information to join in on the fun:

I am also going to submit my fashion followers to IFB's Nail November campaign so please tag me in your instagram pictures or email them to me at:  December 1st I will choose my favorite "fan nail" awarding them with a care package of my favorite nail products.  Enter now!

During the month of November doll up your finger nails, grab your cell phone or camera and start snapping.

My nail-spiration

I have seen such a HUGE trend of these claw nails.  What do you guys think of these... I feel like I have a huge love hate relationship here.  On the weekends, I would love to sport a rocking pair like the picture below, but Monday-Thursday, I will stick with my normal manicured square nail.  Let me know what you all think!


I also saw this photo on my pinterest.   Poster said you can spray your nails with Pam cooking spray after they have dried and set a bit and it will instantly dry your nails.  Anyone ever tried this?  

Dry nails instantly or just oily nails?

My Nail November Nails today from my Instagram: