I received my first Blackbox from Cult Cosmetics and it was a doozy. I used it to create this Ombre effect:


What You Need to Know about Blackbox from Cult Cosmetics

The box costs about the same as a manicure out here, so I would definitely pick this, especially with such high quality polishes/accessories. For $19.99 + shipping per month, you will receive the following:



Here’s what came inside the box:the-stepford-guide-blackbox-cult-cosmetics the-stepford-guide-blackbox-cult-cosmetics-9 the-stepford-guide-blackbox-cult-cosmetics-1 the-stepford-guide-blackbox-cult-cosmetics-3

Essie Polish in Knockout Pout, Avenue Maintain, and The Girls Are Out

These are all lovely colors, went on beautifully, and have not chipped in 3 days. My favorite was the purplish color because it has a shimmer to it and is just a really unique color. the-stepford-guide-blackbox-cult-cosmetics-8

Mash Tweezers, Metallic Studs, and Nail Glue

OH MAN, there were little studs everywhere. When I opened the box, there was just an empty little plastic case. After reading the note that came in the box, I realized there must have been studs in the box. There were studs throughout the box and all over my lap. They came in a sturdy little container, so I’m not sure what happened. I got what I could find and they are so cute. The tweezers made it SO easy to apply them. I love these tweezers, especially since I have such a shaky hand and am usually terrible at this stuff. 

I did an ombre effect with my nails.


And added one of the studs the-stepford-guide-blackbox-cult-cosmetics-6 The End Results
the-stepford-guide-blackbox-cult-cosmetics-18the-stepford-guide-blackbox-cult-cosmetics-16In Summary

I really like this box. It made it really easy to get creative.


I used the blue Essie polish from the box to do an ombre effect in blue (which you can see below)! The polish on my index finger is the Essie one!

the-stepford-guide-august-blackbox-1 the-stepford-guide-august-blackbox


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I received these products complimentary for testing purposes.