This new boxing club just opened: it's Title boxing club in Cottonwood Heights, Utah
This is the first boxing club in Utah.
I always wanted to try boxing. It is a little intimidating I have to say but I have decided to try new things this year on and get my body back after baby.
It really kicked my butt. I am so out of shape and this was neat. I have never had a work out so fun where I really gave my best and saw the results right away. Mybiceps were swollen and legs too. I was so impressed. Boxing is a full body work outand my back, legs, abs were sore the next day. I had no pain the next day even though my knees and neck are sensitive.
Only my muscles were sore.
The music was perfect for the work out and theambiancewas motivating.

Few things you may wondering:

Do I have to fight people?
No you don't. It is a class so there is no ring. Just lots of punching bags and people having fun.

Is it hard? I am out of shape.
You go at your own pace, the moves and exercises are simple. You will get stronger each time and do more and better.

Will I hurt myknuckles?
No, I punched pretty hard the whole time and my hands were intact. You wear a "bandage" like in my picture above in pink and then the boxing gloves on top.

How many calories can you burn?
Between 100 to 1000.

You can check their Website:

Their Facebook: Like them to see the fun events, info and tips they post.

They are on Twitter too:@TitleBoxingUT Their Hash tag is#HitItHard for all the Title boxing clubs in the country.