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I just bought this H&M hat last week and I love it. It’s a little difficult to find things that go with it but I can’t deny wearing it, it’s to pretty to sit there in my wardrobe. I got shoes in the ASOS sale earlier this month and they kill my feet. They really did massacre them the first time I wore them, my poor heels and toes were bleeding and I was carried home. I really was. At one point I decided to take them off and run through a park to get home as soon as possible, but alas I think I have lost my English tolerance for the cold, it was unbearably freezing. Sorry feet. I’m trying a softening spray on them. I’ll let you know how it works, if it doesn’t I’m going to have to stop wearing them.

The photos were taken by the amazing Valeria Castillo, check out her beautiful pictures on her website here. The photos were taken behind Notre Dame, I can’t believe there were swans on the Seine!

H&M Hat & Shirt // Tassel necklace : DIY // Leigh jeans : Topshop // Coat : Mango (a better look here) // Shoes : ASOS

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