Yesterday was probably one of the best mommy days of my life. Dropped Zoey off at daycare and left her crying hysterically as usual. Went about my bidness. I feel like my days off from Zoey has been full of errands and other mommy/wife duties. Not as relaxing as it should be like sitting on a rocker by the fireplace, sipping warm apple cider, and reading The Gospel According To Coco Chanel

All mommies deserve me days to unwind and recharge! 

I also did something very unusual… I didn’t even make check-up calls. I decided that it was time to just let her go (something I’m working on) and if they need me then I was just a phone call away.


It was time to pick her up. I was anxious to hear how her day went. Perhaps, probably as bad as the previous days. Just wanting mommy and won’t play, eat, or interact w/ her fellow classmates. I peeked into her room and there she was! Playing w/ her new friend, talking on the phone, and didn’t even have a clue that I was standing there observing for 2 long mins. I was so PROUD and happy that she was actually enjoying herself!

When we packed up her things to go home, lo and behold she didn’t want to go! Waved goodbye to me like I was leaving again. It was a joyous moment. She FINALLY built up the confidence to be w/o mommy!!  I heard the angels sing. 

zdec2On a side note, Zoey LOVES dancing! We turn up the music every night and dance as a family. Having a child makes you do childish things! We wonder if Z thinks that her parents are weird.

zdec3Another side note, Zoey has been getting so much better w/ her peek a boo’s. Usually, she covers her head instead of her eyes. These days, she’s a pro!

Back to my proudest mommy moment…I wonder if it was b/c I was able to set her free that gave her the courage to welcome new experiences in absence of mommy’s presence. Purely a coincidence or truly a connection b/w mother & daughter? I would like to believe that it’s the latter. 

Next independent milestone? Sleepovers at Aunt Helen’s!

As long as mommy ALWAYS come back, I think Z will be OK from now on! Fingers crossed. 

What is your proudest mommy moment? Please share!