Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you plan to wine and dine with your favorite person or simply use today as a fabulous excuse to indulge in heart shaped chocolates,Valentine's Day is by far the sweetest holiday of the year. Justin and I have been lucky enough to celebrate the last ten Valentine's together. One of my favoritesoccurredduring college. It was the first year Justin was living in LA and I was still in school at Auburn University missing him terribly. When I arrived back at my apartment after class I discovered rose petals scattered across the porch andgorgeouspink gerber daisies hanging by their stems from the ceiling. At the end of the path there was a simple red box. As you can imagine, my heart was racing and tears were forming. Inside the box was a tiny note that said "Not even 2,000 miles could keep me away from you on Valentine's Day." When I opened the door he was standing inside holding a gorgeous bouquet of roses. It was a truly specialmomentthat I won't ever forget.