Background of my skin: In the past my skin was not too sensitive, I was able to use any type of products without a bad reaction. I did have combination skin, some oily spots and some dry spots, and I did get occasional pimples here and there. Well about 3 years ago I started to breakout like crazy, particularly around my chin line, and my cheekbones, Icouldn'tfigure out why, and it was very frustrating! I tried all sorts of drugstore products, from Neutrogena’s Acne line to Biore, Cetaphil, Aveeno, etc and nothing worked.


Finally after seeing BILLIONS of commercials aboutProActiv I decided to purchase the3 step system, which you can findfor $19.95, it comes with the cleanser, toner, and treatment. Now, keep in mind I did a lot of research before hand, I knew that there would be atiny percentage of people who will have an allergic reaction, but my skin was not sensitive at all to anything at that time, so I knew I would be ok. Also, from reading testimonials, I knew that the system would break me out a little bit more and eventually it would help in clearing it all out.

So about the 3rd day of using this product, I started to notice small rash like bumps all over my face and neck, but I figure that it was supposed to do this. On the 4th day I woke up to what looked and felt like fiery burning rash/hives… was so unbearable. I ended up taking the day off of work, and immediately seeing my doctor;it turns out I am part of the small percentage who had an allergic reaction to ProActiv.

I had to continuously use a medication cream to help the rash go away, and I had to lay off the makeup until my skin was cleared (which meant wearing no makeup at all, no foundation, no eye makeup, not even moisturizer) it was hell! Finally, after about a month and a half my face cleared up from the rash.

After that experience, I decided to make a conscious effort to purchase products that were for sensitive skin, because Ididn'twant to deal with that horrible experience ever again. I started using moisturizers and liquid foundations geared towards sensitive skin, and also products that arenon-comedogenic, which basically means itdoesn'tclog pores, itdoesn'tcause acne, it is sensitive enough for the most sensitive skin! Also I make sure that I wash my face every night to remove my makeup,also I wash my makeup brushes often so I don’t get the acne or any rash every again.
1) If you’re trying an Acne Medication such as ProActiv please do an arm test (place the product on your arm over night to see if a reaction occurs).

2) Make sure you wash your face and remove your makeup every night, this is a big factor in getting (or not getting) pimples!

3) Please don’t use dirty makeup brushes, this can cause acne, blackheads, clogged pores, and even a rash!

4) Try to usenon-comedogenic(or natural) products, I know these can get expensive but your face is important and you want to try to keep it clean and healthy!

5) Wash your pillow case often; remember your face lays on it every single night so bacteria and dirt will build up on there which will eventually break you out.

6) Don’t pack on too much makeup, remember natural beauty is the best beauty!!
One makeup brand that I love, in which the products arenon-comedogenic, isAlmay. Hopefully you all found this post helpful, if you have any other tips please feel free to share them! I am in no way a skincare professional, so I encourage all of you to do your research and even ask your doctor! And again, what may work for me, may not work for you! Have you tried ProActiv? What was your experience with the brand?