So look what happened to me today: I scheduled an interview with an up and coming blogger/photographer at the gorgeous Main Library in Manhattan. You know, the library Carrie and Big were supposed to get married in? So why did my subject pull a Mr. Big and not come inside? Sigh. And I wasn't even wearing Westwood.

LUCKILY I had the foresight to throw on this awesome Dawn Levy trenchcoat from the samples they gave me to shoot, because I had hoped that my subject and I could share a photo op to show all the Lucky Community fashionistas how fab we are. Instead, I found myself doing the usual- trying to shoot my own photo as I ran down the street in search of wifi.

(Dawn Levy Nordstrom $298.00)

I gotta tell you something... wearing a tailored spring weight trench in glacial weather made me feel like a superhero. I felt the swag seep through my body, protecting me from the cold and my annoyance.

I froze, I got stood up, but I looked hella cool doing it.


(The gorgeous Main Library (formerly Astor Hall) on 5th and 42nd Street)

coat and library photos by Faith Bowman, 2013