I’m loving the mustard color this season. Mostly because it means I can pull out the Rodarte for Target skirt I purchased back in 2009 and be on trend with something old instead of constantly buying something new. Unfortunately, often times Mr. Wonderful thinks an item of clothing he hasn’t seen in awhile IS new, and I have to remind him that no, I had it all along, I’m not going crazy with my spending money, it’s just the first time I’ve worn it all year. Or in three years. And then he’ll change the subject and ask why the tulle only covers the skirt half way. I tell him it’s artistic, it’s fashion, and that’s why it makes it Rodarte for Target instead of just Target. Then he’ll roll his eyes and make a joke that maybe they just ran out of material.

And maybe they did. But I like it.

Are you trying out the mustard color this season? How are you pairing it? 

Skirt: Rodarte for Target | Top: JCrew | Faux fur vest: Joe Fresh | Shoes: Louboutin