I bought this blazer over the summer and never made the effort to wear it. Why? I have no idea. I often do that and it's annoying. I should wear it when it's in style, instead I'm a little off that way. As a child, I did odd things and now as an adult; my uncanny behavior remains. Oh wells, I like it! AND, I am obsessed with these jeans! These are my second pair of the same exact jeans; tell me why I am so lucky?? I bought this style jean back in 2007 and was so sad when my thunder thighs caused a rip. If you have larger thighs, you'll understand my pain; otherwise, you wont. Again in 2009, I said I would be in heaven if I found the jeans again.. What do you know; they were hanging there waiting for me at Macy's in the Impulse section. It's 2013 and I am need of a new exact pair.

Third times a charm?

Today, I am linking up with the fashionista Tara over at Mix & Match Fashion. She is hosting a link up for "What I Wore to Work".


NY & Co Blazer: $25from summer 2012(similar, similar)

Joe's Jean: Old (similar)

Unisa Flats: $8via Goodwill(very similar)

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