My wish list is full of mom stuff this year – things to make being peanut-free a little easier, comfortable shoes that pretend they aren’t Crocs, a journal and pens to keep me on track, and great books from other blogging mamas. I had the hardest time coming up with this list, because there isn’t much that I want but don’t own. How lucky am I?


Carly 2012 Holiday Wish List



Kyle’s list features a few fun items mixed in with practical things like yoga pants and that shaving kit that costs a bazillion dollars. Not pictured: all of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys.


Kyle's 2012 Holiday Wish List



Eva’s wish list was really fun to make this year. Now that I know which toys she’s drawn to, it’s easier to find things that I know will make her happy! Her biggest draws are small tasks she can do with her hands and bright colors to keep her interested. I also snuck in a Spanish version of a favorite story book since we’re starting to work on learning different words for the same thing.


Eva Holiday Wish List 2012



Harvey’s wish list is short and sweet, like him.


Harvey's 2012 Wish List