I have been a lover of fashion and music my entire life. As a child, I refused to wear anything but pink dresses and party shoes until the age of seven, and "watch videos" were two of my favorite and most commonly spoken words. In high school, I was constantly pushing the fashion boundaries and going to any concert I could from Dashboard Confessional to Death Cab for Cutie. As I grew into my own throughout college and afterward, I mellowed out a bit, but my passion for new and unique styles and alternative rock did not fade away.

Now, this brings me to the present. I currently work in an office where Pandora and Spotify are unspoken bonuses for the hours we spend plugging numbers into excel and pulling delivery reports for our clients. And since Spotify came into my life, my music taste has immensely expanded. I am constantly updating my starred playlist just as I would update my shoe collection, and aside my conversations about who wore what, or last night's episode of The Bachelor, I could talk about music for hours.

Moving forward, I would like to incorporate both fashion and Music into some of my posts. So scroll down, push play and enjoy. After all, music and fashion are amazing enough on their own. I can only imagine how wonderful they are when combined.

Robyn – Dancing On My Own

Now that you have your headphones blasting and your body grooving, I thought I would start by posting about the show that introduced me to this tune in the first place: Girls (feel free to search it here if the Spotify link above does not work). As a devout Sex and the City lover, I was told to check it out months ago, so I watched the first episode. Frankly, I was unimpressed and continued on with my life but fast forward to the Golden Globes, and the days following, and this is where my adoration for the show truly began.

My infatuation stems from the individuality of each main character and their role in each episode. You have Allison Williams, who plays Marnie. I feel that I can relate the most to her polished appearance and "take no prisoners" attitude. But like every character, she possesses some very unattractive qualities, such as her need to have a man by her side at all times, and her uptight personality traits. When it comes to fashion Marnie is classically chic, as pictured below.


Next up is Jemima Kirke, who plays Jessa. I am obsessed with Jessa's free spirit and natural beauty. She is a good friend to Shosh and Hannah, all the while encouraging them to live life out loud. We could all use a friend like Jessa and a little bit of her in ourselves. Jessa's bohemian chic style and long hair align perfectly with her persona.


Shoshanna, played byShoshanna Shapiro, brings light and humor to the show without even meaning to and her style does just that as well. While she often dresses (and acts) too young for her age, she'll often pop up wearing something I covet as seen below.


Lastly, we have Lena Dunham, or Hannah- the heart and soul of the series. I can relate to her on so many levels, while on others I have no idea how to do so. She's quirky and fun, but also self-obsessed. For me, it's her "I'm in my twenties and lost" ideals that hit home. Style wise, she wears what she wants, when she wants. She may not always rock the chic dresses or up-dos that the other girls do, but she still manages to be admirable...aside from a few wardrobe malfunctions here and there.


Together, these girls are what it's all about: individuality and glamour all rolled into one. Don't forget to watch Girls on HBO Sunday Nights.