Hey lovelies!

It’s not easy to put togethor a new outfit every single day, especially if you are like me – on a low budget! But honestly for me it’s not that hard! That’s because I learnt how to MIX THE OLD WITH THE NEW! You might ask how? and why?

I used to buy a new sweatereveryonce in while and wear it over and over and over again until I get bored of it and buy another one and do the same thing over and over again! The thing that I hatedthe mostwas that I was just wearing my new stuff (whichwasn'ta lot) so I was repeating outfits constantly...I am not kidding!

Nowadays it’s different, I still buy new things here and there but I learnt how to mix the ‘old’ clothes with the new ones! As they say opposite attract...and sincenew is the opposite ofold I created a perfect attraction!I am not saying I wear my grandma’s sweaters to school, not at all! When I say old I refer to clothes from 2/3 winters ago!

My top tips are...

1.I suggest that as you read this post you head over to your closet and clean it up and organize it. Get rid of theclothesthat you are not wearing. I do this thing all the time, you won’t even believe how much cramp you have in your closet that is just there to useupyour space!

2.Another helpful suggestion is to organize by style rather than by color or by new additions. So when you are deciding what to wear you look at all of your sweaters not just the new ones or the most used ones.

Trust me, mixing the old with the new will save your life! You will have a bigger variety of clothes and Psssss itdoesn'tcost any extramoney!!!

That was all for today! Keep tune for more!

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