These are old shots I completely forgot about until yesterday. How could I forget these? I remember posing for them because Leon got his hands on some new lenses and he wanted to try them out. As you can see, my hair was still black in these photos - and it's going to be black again soon! boohoo...I so miss ombre hair already.

Anyways - red, red, red! Such a special color. Very weird choice of title, I think, but fitting. This lava print dress is one of my favorite dresses, since it has a cute peplum that hides my less than flat stomach. I also love that it's a very loud piece, I mean, don't your eyes just pop staring at it? Dresses are so perfect for the weather we're having right now, ugh! And they say September is the start of fall. For such a RED dress, I thought a coral red bag and red lips would just match perfectly, and I must say I like the result, very red...haha, I keep saying that word. Yes, I decree that's the word of the week! Hope you like this look lovelies, see you soon,

- Che

Everything I wore were from local stores, yes, I'm pretty spend-savvy that way =) Cheers!


Photos by : Leon Li