Chic-a-booti denim jacket, similar here
Forever 21 shirt
River Island bag, here
New Look jeans

FINALLY right!? A personal style post has arrived! I was so excited to start doing these again...it's been so long. So there was a delay because I didn't have a camera besides my iPhone and I didn't want to upload bad quality photos, and unfortunately, I hardly had time what with college assignments, so I'm sorry about that, and I hope you like this one :) As you may/may not have read, this outfit was inspired by Miranda Kerr. You can see the photo of her here. This is something I'd totally wear so I didn't want to change a thing (I would like to have her AMAZING legs though).

In other news, I'm sick :( such a regular occurrence this season especially when it's like 2-8 degrees outside, nearly every day. You can't see it in this post but maaaaan, I had a LOT of long sleeve tops underneath that shirt hehe. I stayed bedridden for two whole days and while that seems awful, I did enjoy everyone being nice to me, bringing me food, and watching Community and Gossip Girl (no spoilers! I'm still catching up) but if you did watch the finale...was it amazing/good/meh or any other adjectives?! Let me know in the comments :)

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the holidays!