Each fall season, I am tempted by those yummy caramel apples at the supermarkets. As much as I would LOVE to buy one per trip to the grocery store, I resist. Reality is, I would never finish one caramel apple in one sitting (well…I might, actually!) and the size of those apples just make the messy eating gets messier.

But I REALLY want to get into the fall holiday spirit and what represents yummy holiday fall treats more than candy apples? Oh, I so fancy deliciously tart, crunchy, and sweet caramel apples that I can finish in just a few bites MINUS the mess. So I decided to make mini candy apples! These bite size yummies satisfied my cravings perfectly.

Ingredients are fairly simple and straightforward.

Crab apples are pretty abundant in the fall and winter seasons. Depending on where you live, you may have wild crab apple trees growing nearby (go pick them!). I used organic crimson gold crab apples. Although they are  in the crab apple family, they may be twice as big as typical crab apples.

Twice as big as the norm but still mini in size compare to regular apples! So perfect for what I want to do w/ them!

Steps: (1) Add twigs to the apples (2) Dip them in caramel (follow caramel apple kit) (3) Sprinkle sparkly sugars over the caramel coating (4) Let set in the refrigerator

How festive and delish do these look?! They are so perfect for those holiday gatherings that you host each yr! Your guests will love you to bite-size pieces!!

Size comparison.

This is how it looks inside. I have to say (although I may be bias) that these are the BEST candy apples I’ve EVER indulged in. Crimson gold apples are so yummy to begin with. They have the perfect tartness and crunchiness to them- add some sweetness of the caramel and they are heavenly!! AND the sugar crystals pop b/w your teeth- pure awesomeness!

Can’t wait for my Z to get big enough so I can make these w/ her!

I think these are the cutest and yummiest things I’ve ever made!

PS. The leaves are from our maple trees. I picked a few and glued them to the twigs. You can use whatever leaves you have around your house!