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As you can tell, stripes are so IN this season!  I feel lucky that I found this black and white striped dress back in last March when I visited China.

It’s nostalgia and kitsch and Disney rolled into one incomprehensible, but nonetheless fun (!) fashion moment. Who could have expected Mickey to stage a comeback for Spring, not that the lovable mouse ever truly fell out of favor?  Designers like Meadham Kirchhoff and Marc Jacobs use of the cartoon fits their whimsical, color-wonderful approach to design. I am happy to join the Mickey Mouse Club, and so is Red Bear!

P.S. I am happy to announce the Winner of the Line and Dot Silk Shirt Giveaway is : Rachel!! Please email me what color/size of your preference at {hallie@dslextreme.com}, I will have the Line & Dot group mail you shirt soon!

In Chinese: 你可能都已经注意到,条纹本季很火.自己小庆幸一下前瞻远见,去年三月回中国访问的时候买了这条黑白条纹的裙子.
米奇老鼠上衣也是当前流行的时尚元素,带着一些怀旧与俗气,谁也没想到米奇这个春天又重新回到了时尚前沿,也许他根本就未曾被忘记.时装设计师如Meadham Kirchhoff 和Marc Jacobs就把米奇带入了他们的设计作品.很高兴我也加入了米奇俱乐部,当然RB就更开心了!


Tee: Gifted by a friend at last Christmas

Dress: No-brand, bought from China Last March when I visited there, last seen here

Zara Sandals, Chanel Bag

Michale Kors Watch, Karen Walker Sunglasses