I think we can all agree that Michelle Obama has been a style inspiration for the past four years. She made the career of some emerging designers like Rachel Roy, Jason Wu, Thakoon, and Prabal Gurung and has supported Michael Kors. She is also a fan of affordable shops like Target, Gap and J.Crew. All this put together gives us a relatable woman, just like the rest of us, but who is also the First Lady of the United States of America.

On the other side, the fashion world has remained particularly quiet on the Ann Romney fashion front. At the Twitter account of OscarPRGirl, the official publicist for Oscar de la Renta, not a word was uttered about the fact that Ann Romney had donned a dark teal dress from the designer’s collection, when designers, stylists and fashion industry publicists routinely clamor to outfit First Lady Michelle Obama, with press releases flying out the door any time she sports a certain brand.

Some rumours might be pointing towards the idea that Obama supporter and leading financier Anna Wintour might be using her power and connections to threaten designer’s standing should they endeavor to promote their outfitting to Ann Romney, which is consequently keeping designers silent and away.

Yet others doubt Romney is getting the cold shoulder from the predominantly liberal fashion world, or that Wintour’s own political preferences have instilled fear in any designer who dares dress the GOP nominee’s wife.

“It is just that Michelle brings such a unique, vibrant and youthful style and the average woman can see herself wearing many of her outfits, so designers want everyone to know that she is wearing their clothes,”

explained entertainment/lifestyle commentator Valerie Greenberg.

“And even though Anna Wintour has a reputation for being tough, I don’t think she would let her political views dictate the designers she chooses to feature in the pages of Vogue.”

Here are some looks that both Obama and Romney wore throughout the electoral campaigns.


Election Day

Michelle Obama wore a red brocade Michael Kors shift dress she’s worn publically at least twice before–once to a 2009 holiday event at the White House, and again at a

November 2010 Medal of Honor Ceremony in Washington, D.C. Just as she did in 2010, Obama paired the high-neck, knee-length frock with a cropped, three-quarter-sleeve cardigan and a large, purple jeweled brooch. She accessorized with very pointy black kitten heels and a dark-colored manicure.

Ann Romney wore a bright red bateau-neck sheath dress with three-quarter-length sleeves. She accessorized with black patent pumps, her gold watch, the clear beaded necklace she wore at the last debate, dark nail polish, red glossy lips, and a bouffant updo. Red dominated her look, as it is the official color of the Republican party.