So before I left for NYC, I went on a holiday tour of The White House withKeila, AdrienneandZaynaband had a GREAT time. It was so festive! There were 55 Christmas trees...and all of them were real. I'm glad I had the chance to go. It was my first time at The White House for a leisurely event, and not a meeting!




When I showed up at The White House, I was wearing my chambray shirt and jeans. I had no idea you were supposed to dress up! We had some time to kill before our tour, so I picked up this dress and these shoes at H&M. Both were on sale, so I only spent $40! This dress is now one of my favorites, and I ended up wearing it to church last weekend. It's so soft!!! And the detailing is so intricate. There were a few more at the Metro Center location when I went last Saturday night, so if you're interested in getting one, hurry over there!I also found a similar dress at ModCloth!