Sometimes I feel like it's tougher shopping for gifts for men. It really depends on the person, whether the guy is into technology, sports, video games, food, etc. I find myself steering towards purchasing more clothes and accessories for the guys in my life - it definitely is the easiest choice for me, since they can simply mix it up into their wardrobe and wear it in their own personal style.

Jackets are a great way to stay fashionably warm, especially with the colder season now upon us. And why not veer towards some classic pieces too, like that v-neck t-shirt? It's versatile and a staple item. We all need our basics. On the other hand, the watch featured above is cool twist to a standard watch. Having the mechanical gears visible is an interesting feature and gives it a different look.

1. Urban Male Clothing baseball jacket 2. phantom jacket  3.  v-neck shirt
4. Topman brogue shoes 5. J.Crew aviator sunglasses 6. Fossil watch

What are you planning to gift the men in your life?

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