one of my melon + mint outfits from last year. oh, and here is another one!

piperlime even has a whole category dedicated to the color combo! image from their site.

a couple of coral + mint mani’s from last year (here is the DIY post for the one with the glitter stripe)…stay tuned for a new one coming up on the blog soon!

OMG you guys. i am SO happy to be alive! i always forget how awful it is to be sick! since i was feeling a THOUSAND times better today…i put together a little post for you. of course now that i am feeling better, it is supposed to rain for the next few days but WHO CARES….i feel better!!! =) so i was going through my camera roll on my phone and realized i had quite an obsession with coral + mint last year! and then i got caught up looking for that dang trina turk for banana republic patio dress on ebay for almost an hour. there’s one in my size and even though the seller is in the US, it seemed a little suspicious so i passed on it but DANG i wanted that dress! anywho….i’m glad to see that coral (although i’m seeing it called “melon” this time around) + mint are going strong for this year too! are you a fan?