How many of you lovelies — love face powder? By face powder — I am referring to foundation/finishing touch products! I am not a huge fan of foundation (unless it adorns matte appeal), or any finishing powder products…period! But I never gave it too much thought, as I usually wash, tone, moisturize and then — glam up my eyes! I just recently got into eye primers (love them) and I always covet my liners and shadows…but that’s as much makeup as I am willing to go! I prefer to splurge on skin care products (to protect, heal, fix and prevent skin damage), rather than mask or cover up my flaws — with makeup! Oh yeah…I love my mascara and lip gloss as well!  But that’s as far as my “glam” routine goes! And it’s still not on a daily basis!  I strongly believe that makeup — should enhance and accentuate your natural beauty! I accept it’s transforming abilities also!

Today, my rave is about the new Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender (which I received for review thanks to Mally Beauty ;) )– which is by far…one of the best finishing perfection for a flawless look! It’s extremely sheer (don’t let the white appearance scare you — it blends completely to any and all skin tones), light as a feather (especially upon application) — all to diffuse the look of pores, minimize fine lines and to protect your makeup…from morning to night!  This amazing face defender leaves a fierce matte finish, doesn’t dry out your skin (or make it appear ashy like powder does).  Your skin is left totally silky smooth and your makeup will last longer! 

I highly recommend this Mally Beauty must-have!
It comes with a chic buffed-edge Japanese sponge! I am totally in love! Check out this video, courtesy of Mally Beauty — demonstrating the unique ability of this powder-free innovation!