I intentionally added the Z on the title because I thought it was cute to spell lips like that since I'd be sharing with you a lip gloss I decided I'd use more often this August, Stila's Lip Glaze in Majesty. I was supposed to share about this lip gloss last summer but I kept on postponing it. It stayed in my drafts and stayed and stayed until I decided, it's time. It's time to glaze things up.

I think nothing can uplift a mood as quicker as a swipe of lip gloss. The typhoon's just overwhelming and rain definitely has a way with things so I am taking things under control by keeping a glossy smile at my disposal. They did say, smile because you'll never know how much the world needs a little more of it. Oh wait. I made that up, makes sense though. Don't you think? :)

What lifts your mood?

A Sale definitely lifts mine!
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