Good Morning Girls!!

Thank god it's Friday!!! I am so tirrreeddd this week....I can't wait for it to be Saturday, so I can sleep late or at least try to sleep late :-)

Girls, today's post is about make-up! Fashion week was coming up and I knew that I had to step up my game and get some new make-up products. About two weeks ago, I went to Sephora to buy an eye shadow primer and one of the Sephora make-up consultants (kind of a nice to say that instead of sales lady, LOL) gave me a free sample of this primer...she told me: "try it, you will love this product." I said: "okay I will try it." Girls, she was right, the product is amazing, just like the name says...hahaha!!  But my question is, have you guys heard about Amazing  Cosmetics Anti Aging Face Primer? I am in love with this stuff!! I am not sure if I am late to the game or what, but I had never heard about this primer before. Of course I knew about other similar products, but not this specific brand.

You apply the primer before your foundation. It is really light and leaves your skin so soft, almost like a silky feeling....this stuff is awesome and now it is one of my favorites. It was my best friend for my daily routine during New York Fashion Week and it is definitely approved!! 

You can find it on the web or at Sephora stores.

Just to clarify, I did not get paid or anything like that to do this post. This is truly my opinion about the product. It is just a tip for those who like make-up and facial products. :-)

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Amazing Cosmetics Anti-Aging Face Primer